How to increase sales or service
by at least 21% in 21 weeks*,
while also improving employee engagement

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The 6 step process, refined over the past 15 years, you need to put in place to get at least a 21% improvement in sales or service in 21 weeks* (and how you can put it in place in your organisation). It also quickly improves employee engagement.

What is really holding back sales or service in your organisation (what it is will surprise you - it's not the fault of your front-line staff).

How to get these improvements, even if you already have sales or service training in place.


Blair Stevenson, CEO


Blair has spent the last 27 years helping businesses rapidly increase their sales and service. He's worked with over 10,000 managers across Australia and New Zealand, which means he has unrivaled insight into what works, and what doesn't to increase sales and service by at least 21% in 21 weeks*. His approach also quickly improves employee engagement.

"After we implemented Blair's recommendations, in 2 months, there was more than a 200% increase in sales revenue. In 6 months, there was more than a 400% increase. In 10 months, there was a 519% increase."

Bryan Yianakis
Director of Sales & Service (previously)

"We’re having our best years on record because of implementing Blair's recommendations.

"4 years after implementation, the changes he helped us make were still embedded in our culture, enabling us to complete one of the best years ever in the history of the NZAA in terms of sales and service results.

"Even 6 years after implementation, we continued to achieve consistent financial results with every region exceeding sales targets."

Trevor Pilkington
General Manager
Centre Network
New Zealand Automobile Association (NZAA)


"Because of increased service delivery through implementing Blair's recommendations, we've reduced our headcount.

"Today we save at least the cost of 20 temps every year. That's a $300,000 saving every year."

"According to an independent survey, our employee engagement is now world-class (consistently between 88% and 93%)."

Bryan Middleton

Head of Customer Engagement - Keep

Contact Energy

"Our service delivery has greatly improved. When we implemented Blair's recommendations, there was a 62% reduction in overtime in the first month, and it's now down more than 65%.

"As a result, there's been a reduction in overtime costs which exceed $200,000 per month. Increased productivity has reduced wait time and re-work leading to additional cost savings."

Richard Petterson

General Manager Network Operations

Queensland Urban Utilities

"Within 4 months, fundraising revenue from all channels in the programme where we implemented Blair's recommendations had doubled. The project exceeded our expectations and delivered a ROI in excess of 400%, and a payback within 3 months.

"Over the following 12 months, revenue increases across the 5 channels in the programme ranged between 342% and 1,545%."

Devinia Liddelow

People Capability & Change Manager (previously)

World Vision Australia

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* Provided you are behind in an achievable target in the sales or service metric you choose, and it is a metric over which your front-line staff have control. Team members are to be working in an environment where they have only 1 or 2 interactions with a customer, or do job after job.